LET’S TALK SPEC! who is your ideal partner?

There is in every individual the desire to love and be loved, though we express love differently as well as receive love differently what we can however agree on is the fact that; whether male or female we have a mental picture of who we would rather be with- hence the gist for today ‘SPEC’ Let’s say you meet a group of guys all at the same time in a gathering or an executive meeting, you find yourself warming up to this particular guy and really just feeling him – why?. Remember that one party you attended with your friends, and this girl you could not stake your eyes from? Truth is, we do have this specification us, detailing what or who we want to be with and most times even unconsciously we just warm up to the people that present those qualities. So! What is your speck? You might be tempted to brush this question aside and say something like – all those things does not really matter- let me stop you right there. We spoke to a man about this and for the sake of privacy let us call him Jake. Jake is married and with 2 kids when we asked him about the speck thing, he laughed and said “make sure you go for the particular type of person that most suits what you are looking for” if I am rephrase that, I will simply say be with your type period. Sounds easy right? No it is not – because we have been subtly made to choose between two very important components of a speck, the physical appearance and the character. What hear randomly is that; you can’t have it all- so just take what you have and be grateful for it all. Sounds simply enough but certainly not practicable, because we will always want what we want no matter what. Like Jake said “character will keep your home happy but the physical content will keep him at home”. Now don’t we all want both, a happy home and a happy man or woman? If you screamed yes, then you don’t have to sacrifice the one at the expense of the other. Look for what makes you happy and go for it, PERIOD!!!! All that is being said here is this, be generous enough to yourself and find you a partner that meets your specifications -SPEC- Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.

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