It took me a while to set out on this journey, was I the only one that loves love? That question troubled me for a long time; in the process of answering this question Gist Njuara was born. I am Gist Njuara,passionate about adding value to whatever it is that she encounters. Njuara Njama is my name,legal practitioner practicing in the FCT and the founder of FEALS foundation a NGO that focusses on life strengthening and education. My entire life has been about questioning the standards that we live by, why do we do what we do? Who made the rules and why do we have to follow them? Why are our narratives one of prejudice based on the precepts that we can only draw strength from the bad and not the things that empower us. Life they say is not a destination but a journey, so is success and many other things that makes us human. Although the beauty is in the journey, many times than not we focus on the destination leaving out all the fun part. Maybe not fun in the strict sense of the word, but hey, look at the narrative from this perspective-the person you become is a combination of everything that happens to you and how you interact with it, this knowledge should fuel us to become active participants in our life’s journey.

Why did I decide to start Gist Njuara?

We are faced with youth and even a huge population of adults that need a connect about issues on life, relationship, love and yes, even sex. Well Gist Njuara is a subtle blend of GIST MEETsACTION AND REACTION to create a fun environment with no holdsbarred while getting perspective on issues that affects us. You would be amazed about how simple issues like eating habits affect how we relate because of lack of communication, or signs that are so obviously written in bold ink warning us of danger but we are unaware of, or that most people are in relationships but aren’t communicating and alot of things are left unsaid and a lot of issues are left to fester.

Well, not for long anymore we have created a place of dialogue;it is all about romance, relationships, sex, gist, news, life, money, movies, music, books, poetry, sports, politics,  and all those personalized issues that you may be quirky about. Oh yes! Gist Njuara is here for you every step of the way. By that we try to raise a consciousness in us that is more in tune with issues of everyday life from contemporary blend of love, romance and relationships and even to other issues on life, workplace, politics and humanitarian perspectives.

You can access all materials from NJUARA TV and feel free to leave your comments and questions on ASK NJUARA.

Welcome on board.