WHAT IS THE RELIGION OF LOVE? Maybe the topic looks rather too poetic, that does not water down the gravity of the discussion here. What are the factors that should or would determine the person you let into your life? Well, should religion or believe or faith or spiritual expression form a basis upon which you strike a balance? Speaking freely now, it is an arguable fact that a person’s believe shapes who or what he or she is or become, as such, should it be a viable basis of qualification. On this graus it seems more likely to be involved with someone who share similar beliefs as you do, I mean, it makes it all to make sense, no need to defend or support your position or haggle for whose standing should take supremacy. On the other hand, different religious expression may not necessarily be the fundamentals to a great relationship thus making it an unnecessary factor to depend on solely in deciding. After all you’re in love with the person. The floor is now open to have your thoughts.

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